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PHD Public Health | Public Health Course, Fees & Admission in India – ICRI India
Course Fee

1.40 lacs per annum

INR Suitable For

Working professionals & post graduates public health


3 - 5 Yr

ICRI Campus

Course Description


Students have numerous areas of research to choose from in the Healthcare Industry.


PhD in Public Health opens up the possibilities for the student to take up suitable teaching assignments as well as senior positions which get opened up for the student in the Healthcare industry.


The PhD programme has a component of one semester of classes in Research methodology which are held regularly at the ICRI campus.


Subsequently, the student has to identify a guide/mentor and work with the mentor to develop a synopsis which if accepted by the research committee becomes the topic of the thesis.


The thesis and the PhD have to be done in accordance with the UGC guidelines 2009 (these are available on the UGC website). The student must meet with the guide regularly at least once a week.


  • The minimum period for completing the thesis is set at 3 years.
  • The completed thesis is to be presented to the research committee.
  • Students can suggest a guide for their thesis.
  • The suggested guide must be approved by the University.


  • Academic members from the university
  • ICRI PhD professors.
  • Senior Industry members from the Healthcare industry.
  • Candidates at ICRI and the University have the flexibility to choose their guide or mentor.
  • Guides or mentors are provided by ICRI and the University.
  • Any preference for a specific guide must be approved by the academic board.


  • Situated in the heart of Dehradun City.
  • One of the leading universities in Uttarakhand.
  • Spreads over approximately 2,20,500 sq. meters.
  • Equipped with modern facilities.
  • The campus is designed to be state-of-the-art.
  • Well-connected with the city.
  • Accessible through various transportation modes.


You need to submit INR/41,000 (application fees of INR 1300/-) to commence the process.

  • ICRI’s unique curriculum combines academic and practical learning with its internship schemes with global companies like Ranbaxy, DR Reddy’s labs ,Glaxo SmithKline & Novartis to name a few.

  • 90% of ICRI’s trainees are absorbed by these companies for a permanent position as ICRI’s programs, ensure that its graduates are equipped academically and are professionally trained for the global job market.

  • As a result of the courses covering a wide variety of subjects, ICRI graduates are also hired by IT companies like HCS, TCS and WIPRO

  • India’s first book on clinical research and pharmacovigilance was launched by ICRI..

  • It is the first institute to launch a PHD in Clinical Research and the first international and national conference in clinical research was also conducted by ICRI in India

  • ICRI has conducted major corporate training workshops at companies such as Dr.Reddy’s, Apollo hospital, Panacea Biotech, IPCA LAB helping us to know the latest trends and practices in the industry.

  • ICRI has partnered with leading organizations such as Singh health, AHA, DIA, UKIERI for various research and training initiatives.

  • Most of the professionals working in clinical research and pharmacovigilance industry are ICRIians, therefore you will be the preferred candidate for the job

  • ICRI has been India’s first & most awarded institution in Clinical Research & Healthcare since 2004.

  • Awardee of Presidential Award for contribution in Clinical Research & Healthcare sector

  • ICRI has 19000+ Alumni network working across the globe

  • ICRI has produced the largest number research scholars and are working on various research studies globally


Did You Know

Clinical Research Industry

Key factors

MSc in Clinical Research-2 Years (UGC Recognized)



Admission Procedure

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