Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research: Enhancing Competencies

The global clinical research industry is expanding at a rapid pace and India is poised to gain advantage from this burgeoning sector. In Asia alone, this industry is worth more than a couple of billion dollars. Though there are a number of job openings in this promising industry, there is a gaping void pertaining to skilled clinical research professionals. Keeping in mind the high demand for trained clinical research professionals especially pertaining to clinical trials, a comprehensive programme in the form of post graduate diploma in clinical research is now being offered to render suitable competencies for efficient handling of clinical research.

Before delving into the varied aspects of the course, let’s first get familiar with the domain of clinical research. Clinical research can be defined as a study performed to investigate a promising treatment and its consequences on human beings. Clinical trials are a major aspect of clinical research which helps us to know whether a potential treatment is harmless and effective. Clinical trials encompass comprehensive information pertaining to an innovative treatment, its potential risks and the probabilities of its success. The post graduate diploma in clinical research amalgamates all the aspects of clinical research mentioned above therein offering promising career avenues for aspiring candidates in clinical research.

The post graduate diploma in clinical research is developed with the objective to provide the candidates with an expansive view of the core strategies used in clinical research at the national as well as international level. This programme is generally considered a part time course therein offering candidates the flexibility pertaining to the pace of the course. The course is conducted for a duration of about a year and candidates eligible are graduates or post graduates from streams such as MBBS, BAMS, BDS, B.Pharm/ M.Pharm, physiotherapy and occupational therapy graduates and such other fields.

The course content is delivered through a certain number of modules over a period spanning about a year. Reputed clinical research institutes employ an operations focused approach wherein one can gain practical know how via real world case studies as well as group assignments on product development.

Though, clinical research opens up many career avenues for aspiring candidates, the post graduate diploma in clinical research prepares candidates to work as project manager, drug safety officer, clinical research associate, regulatory affairs personnel and many more such opportunities in the healthcare sector.

The rapidly expanding clinical research industry has created a demand for skilled clinical research professionals especially pertaining to clinical trials. The post graduate diploma in clinical research is a comprehensive course which greatly enhances the skill sets as well as career opportunities for aspiring candidates in the clinical research domain.

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