Masters of Public Health

  • ID: 2719

What is Public Health? The structure & administration of public health organizations and the policies made under health programmes& their reimbursement counted as Public Health Policy. What is Masters of Public Health ? Under this course, students learn the administrations…

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PhD Healthcare & Hospital Management

  • ID: 1812

PhD in Healthcare & Hospital Management: 2017 – 2018 Admission Opens (Only Delhi Campus) Thank you for applying to the Institute of Clinical Research India which is the World’s largest and first Clinical Research & Healthcare institution with an alumni…

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BSc Clinical Research & Healthcare

  • ID: 1810

Clinical Research & Healthcare Industry: 2017 – 2018 Admission Opens (Only Delhi Campus) Clinical Research Industry:- The global market is estimated to be worth over USD 2 billion by 2020. There are more than 2,50,000 positions vacant with attractive salaries….

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Certification in Medical Tourism

  • ID: 1332

Medical Tourism is a terms that refers to people traveling to another country for Medical treatment thus combining the tourism aspect with specialized medical care. Medical Tourism has seen an unprecedented boom in India recently, India government and privet healthcare…

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