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Master’s in Business Administration is a dominant sphere with various other professions under its territory. Due to increased demand for business and various start-ups coming up, it is the most popular option for students all across India. Why shouldn’t it be? The growth of the industry is exponential, with better facilities and amenities.

Several universities have started MBA programs in various fields. One such university is JIMS that has joined hands with ICRI to ptovide job oriented MBA Courses and to prepare students for “New Age Careers”. This reliable collaboration has improved the quality of the course and offer more perks to the students.

Also, the MBA fees in JIMS Noida is extremely affordable and one should pursue the two year professional course from this college without a doubt.

MBA Programs At JIMS in Collaboration With ICRI

You can select the one that suits your preference:

    • MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management – 2 Years
    • MBA in Aviation Management – 2 Years
    • MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management - – 2 Years

The topmost reason to own aICRI - JIMS MBA degree is the options provided for you. Get the best exposure and best jobs:

Some Effective Perks Of MBA From JIMS University

      • MBA students are precisely taught about the basics of carrying the team along with them. Thus, enhancing the leadership and discipline in work functioning. Such proficiencies led to some massive career prospects like entrepreneurship and business development.
      • MBA students are prepared to come up with a revelation in ideas to counter any adverse scenarios. Overcoming difficult business situations is the ideal quality of an MBA pass out.
      • This generally sums up the essential quality of an MBA student pursuing a degree from a distance learning institute. As the students generally need to grasp the minor topics from the online or correspondence classes, it becomes crucial for the student to self evaluate the learning process and executing the interactions with other people.

Apart from the various programs offered, your ICRI -JIMS MBA certificate will make you eligible for various kinds of jobs, either national or international. Along with in-depth training, including academic and fieldwork, the programs are modeled for better exposure to the needs of the world, and demands of the economy and its consumerist culture.

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