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MSc in Clinical Research – Most Comprehensive Degree for Science Graduates

Medical education from regular colleges is extremely expensive. Thus it becomes quite mandatory for students to pursue a master's degree in courses like clinical research, healthcare management from a renowned institutions like ICRI. These institutes are quite premium and trustworthy for the effective methods of educating aspiring students& aims to prepare aspirants for “New Age Careers”.

ICRI has joinedhands with a reputed institute, Jagannth University to enhance the quality of the Clinical research courses. Clinical research is rising in popularity, and a master's program is quite necessary after a graduate course in life science, pharmacy, or nursing. A 2 year master's degree gives aspiring students an edge over the competition when it comes to exploring jobs.

Scope of MSc in Clinical Research

  • In a master's program, students are trained specifically in the area of drugs development and other treatment measures in elevating the human health standards.
  • Clinical research also involves the pioneering of the latest vaccines and medical practices, which would prove to be crucial in the advancement of medical treatments.
  • Even weekend classes part of correspondence program would help the students to perfect all the essential nuances of various subjects involved in Clinical research JIMS.

What is the future of Clinical Research?

Clinical research is a vastly growing field in India, and students can even apply in foreign organizations for the best possible jobs.

  • Clinical research education can pave the way for professional role in Clinical research Associate, Biostatistician, Coordinator and Clinical research Analyst as well. All these roles are well paid in eminent organizations.
  • Students can also choose from various research areas offered in Clinical research such as Genetics, Patient Research, and Epidemiology.

The clinical research students must master techniques with precision as the margin of error in this field is quite minimum. Clinical research at JIMS is one which makes it easy for students to learn all the basic functionalities in this growing field.

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