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ICRI – ILAM in collaboration with a leading Pilot training Institute FSTC (Flight Simulator Technique Centre) is providing pilot licence training to aviation aspirants at training facility equipped with modern aircrafts & simulators.

Our CPL course is a professional pilot training which qualifies you to secure a job in airline/general aviation. This is a comprehensive course offering Ground Studies, Single Engine training along with Flight and Simulator training.

Our Course

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) with a duration of 12 Months

Highly equipped training facility includes following aircrafts for specialized training standards:

Single Engine: 185 Hrs. on Single Engine CESSNA- 152/172 (Glass Cockpit G-1000) aircraft.

Multi Engine: 15 Hrs. on Multi Engine Piper Seneca.

Flight Simulator: 20 Hrs. on Flight Simulator with 120-degree field of view and real time display of terrain and airports

Ground Studies: 500 Hours.

DGCA Examination: SPL (Oral) + PPL (written) + CPL (written).

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