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What can you do with a Clinical Research Degree?

Professionals with Clinical Research degrees have been receiving a warm welcome by medical institutions all over the world for the value that it adds to a person’s academic knowhow. The demand is steadily climbing uphill which can be easily seen through the countless new clinical research jobs posted on the job portals every other day.

MSc or fellowship degree in Clinical Research degree earns you the following opportunities which are not just grander in designation but in pay scales too.

Clinical Research Job opportunities in trend

Clinical Research Scientists

Now doesn’t that designation sound cool? It however requires ample years of experience in conducting, evaluating, monitoring clinical trials and inferring the results. Knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework is a must to work well within it.

Clinical Research Associate(CRA)

If you are at the beginning of your career as a Clinical Research graduate, joining as a CRA might be an apt option. CRA’s supervise the whole process of clinical trials administratively. Their role involves data filing, case report reviews, and monitoring the individuals conducting the trials.

Clinical Research Coordinator

As a Clinical Research Coordinator, you shall work very closely with the Principal Investigator to ensure that the clinical trial is an absolute success, whether it comes to planning, budgeting, data management, communication, policies and frameworks, etc.


Since clinical research involves a colossal need for understanding various statistics and linking the figures at every step of drug development and testing, a Biostatistician plays an invincible role in the whole process. You will be a part of trial design, development of protocol, managing and monitoring data, analyzing the trial and finally creating a comprehensive report on it. 

Data Manager

As the name suggests, data managers are responsible behind efficient collection, storage and distribution of data. Data is managed at different points during the clinical trial and the accuracy of it is given prime importance as the final results are completely dependent on it.

Best Clinical Research academic institute

We have mentioned the best clinical research jobs available to you today. However, what guarantees you a placement in any of the reputed hospitals, clinics or health centre is a clinical research degree from a creditable institute.

ICRI, the preferred academic institute across India, presents an opportunity to all aspirants to obtain a relevant degree and head for a sparkling future. For details about the courses and eligibility, contact ICRI at 7303395047 today.

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