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Bhopal Campus
B.Tech Data Science & Metaverse
UGC Recognized 4 Year Program
Study at ICRI's top ranked university
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Scope of The Course
  • Vacancies
    USD 332.6 Billion

    Market Size by 2026

  • INR 3.5 Lacs to 6.0 Lacs
    INR 11.5 Million

    Future jobs by 2026

  • U$D 16
    USD 95.3 Billion in

    Market Size in 2021

About B.Tech Data Science:

India’s first & largest institute in new-age careers.

Real-time exposure to data visualization and statistics with leading Industry bodies.

Get placed with top technology companies with starting salary of INR 7.0 Lacs - INR 8.0 Lacs.

19000+ alumni network working across the globe.

Exposure to developing codes for data science solutions through leading software languages such as R, Python, and Tableau.

UGC Recognized Degree from leading Universities in India

Our Partners:

UIPath | Python | R Programming | Tableau

UIpath provides RPA software for automating repetitive and manual tasks, improving efficiency, productivity, and customer experience, allowing organizations to focus on higher-value tasks.

What will you be taught?


    • Principal of Electrical and Electronics Technology
    • Computer
    • Engineering Physics
    • Math I
    • Programming for Problem Solving
    • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning 
    • Soft Skill I


    • Application-Based Programming In Python 
    • Mechanical Workshop
    • Engineering Chemistry
    • Advanced Physics
    • Math II
    • Soft Skill II
    • Multimedia Application Lab


    • Building Essential Language
    • OOPS Using JAVA
    • Data Structures Using C
    • Computer Organization and Architecture
    • Discrete Structures


    • Communication to Conquer
    • Data Acquisition
    • Advance JAVA Lab
    • Environmental Science
    • Database Management System


    • Introduction to Biology for Engineers
    • Applied Statistical Analysis
    • Industrial Internship
    • Project-Based Learning I


    • Computer Networks
    • Principles of Operating System
    • Project Based Learning
    • Management Course


    • Data Warehouse
    • Software Engineering and Testing Methodologies
    • Theory of Computation
    • Design and Analysis of the Algorithm
    • Project-Based Learning III
    • Programme Elective I
    • Industrial Internship II
    • Open Elective
    • Technical Skill Enhancement Course I
What Will You Become

    Big corporates and SMEs seek professionals who can collect company data, store it, guarantee its security, and treat it appropriately.

    Data Analyst - responsible for collecting, processing, and performing statistical analyses on large datasets to derive insights and make informed business decisions.

    Data Scientist - responsible for designing and building predictive models, developing algorithms, and using advanced statistical techniques to analyze data and derive insights.

    Business Analyst - responsible for identifying business problems, defining requirements, and using data to make recommendations that improve business performance.

    Data Engineer: responsible for building and maintaining data pipelines, creating data warehouses, and designing and implementing data storage solutions.

    Database Administrator: responsible for managing and maintaining databases, ensuring data security, and optimizing database performance.

    Data Engineer: Data engineers are responsible for designing and building data pipelines and infrastructure to support data analysis.

    Machine Learning Engineer: They work closely with data scientists to build models that can automate decision-making processes.

    Where will you work?

    Technology - Many tech companies, including startups and large corporations, hire data scientists for various roles such as data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer, etc.

    Finance - Financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, and investment firms use data science to analyze risk, create investment strategies, and develop fraud detection models.

    E-commerce - Retail and e-commerce companies use data science to predict customer behavior, optimize pricing, and improve customer experience.

    Marketing - Marketing companies and agencies use data science to analyze customer behavior, target advertisements, and personalize content.

    Automotive Industry - With data analytics, car companies can analyze their existing customers to identify characteristics that predict a purchase. Big data can also help car companies use insights like past vehicle purchases, online behavior, and demographics to create personalized marketing communications and share relevant content

Industry Exposure
  • India’s 1st Institute
  • India’s 1st Institute
  • India’s 1st Institute

    Scope of data science:

    • Big data operations like data scientists, analytics, big data engineers, big data managers, and data architects have a lot of potential. Data science-related job responsibilities are among the most sought-after tech positions globally at the moment, and they are also among the third-highest paid. Industry projections indicate that by 2026, 11 million new jobs in the field of data science are likely to be created.


    • Fun fact: Amazon gets 18-20 job applications per minute and Google receives 3.0 Million job applications per year. One should have certification & demonstrated learning skills to become job ready.


    • In India, there is a tone of room for data science applications, particularly in 2023 and the years to come. This includes banking, cyber security, financial institutions, education and healthcare sectors, big data organisations, and even small businesses.
    • There is significant potential for data science applications in India, with the Data Science market slated to reach 16 Billion $ by 2025 and so will the data Science jobs

    • The Average Starting Salary of Data scientists for fresher is INR 7.0- INR 8 Lacs P.A. and some of the top industries are BFSI, Retail, Technology and Healthcare and companies diverse as IBM, Amazon, Google, and Netflix recruit data science professionals.

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