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B.Tech Colleges & Courses in Delhi

Indian engineering graduates have always been valued for their skills in India as well as abroad. This is also why B. Tech courses are still in demand all over the country. There are various branches of engineering that a student can choose from and B.Tech colleges in Delhi offer some of the best B.tech courses which are sector specific.

New branches for B.Tech

Among the B.Tech courses, mechanical engineering is considered the oldest branch of engineering, followed by civil engineering and electrical engineering, many of the other branches were developed later. With advancements in technology, core engineering subjects are combined with those that are scientific-based, bringing more advanced branches. Many of the B.Tech colleges in Delhi also offer newer branches like biomedical, textile, mechatronics, marine and dairy technology.

B.Tech colleges in Delhi

There are various colleges in Delhi for B.Tech, and a few of the best ones have partnered with ICRI. JIMS University, Ansal University, have associated with ICRI to offer their best b.tech courses across their various campuses in Delhi. Along with many humanities and commerce courses, these Universities offer science courses and specifically B.Tech courses as well.

B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ansal University offers a unique program for students interested in AI – B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is specifically designed for students to develop skills to analyze artificial intelligence algorithms and create enhanced fast working solutions. This B.Tech course in Delhi recognizes that Artificial Intelligence is the future and aims at preparing their students for it through this program. Students can expect to learn programming, data structures, designing algorithm, data communication and database management, mobile application development and machine learning among many other subjects. Some of the jobs that students can expect to earn are big data scientist, artificial intelligence engineer, robotics professionals, software engineer and IoT architects.

Eligibility and Duration of B.tech courses

Almost all B.Tech courses at Ansal University, Himgiri Zee University, JIMS University and Shree Guru Ram Rai University are 4-year courses. They require students to have completed matriculation with 60% marks, and have studied Physics, Chemistry & Maths in 11th and 12th standards. After completing and online application form, students need to appear for an entrance exam as part of the admission process.

List of best b.tech colleges in Dehradun campus

  • Himgiri Zee University

List of best b.tech colleges in Gurgaon & best b.tech colleges in Delhi

  • Mewar University
  • Ansal University
  • JIMS
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