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Is Healthcare Management a good career choice? 

Think of an industry that never has and never will face a recession despite of any level of economic downtime.

One that definitely crosses our mind is ‘Healthcare’.

This is not just something that we have made up. It is also backed by strong statistical evidence. Termed by IBEF as one of the largest sector with respect to revenue and employment, the Indian healthcare sector is seemingly growing at a rate of 16.28GR between 2008-2022. Medical tourism in the country is growing at the rate of 22-25%, mostly as India serves as one of the cheapest options for foreign medical tourists. The overall healthcare market is expected to rise from a size of US$160 billion (2017) to US$372 billion (2022).

So, by the above, healthcare sector is certainly a great career choice for aspiring students and professionals who are looking out for an industry that is both respectful and highly-rewarding. You may start with a BBA Healthcare Management degree to get a head start in the sphere.

Healthcare Career Options

The diversity offered to aspirants in the Healthcare Sector distinctly seconds none. As a Healthcare specialist, you can be placed in any of the hospitals, clinics, labs, research facilities, care facilities, rehabilitation centres or government agencies. Talking about the roles that one may perform; you may choose between departments like administration, nursing, accounting, planning, public relations, human resource, healthcare managers, etc. The list if quite big and you will get ample opportunities to climb up the ladder, starting from the role of an assistant to manager and finally a position in the management team if you can prove your worth. So, start today. Look out for a BBA Healthcare Management degree from a reputed institute here.

Who can opt for a career in Healthcare?

Both medical and non-medical students can build a career in Healthcare. However you shall be pulled down by competition unless accompanied by a degree in Healthcare & Hospital Management from a reputed institute of India. Indian Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) brings you an array of part time, full time, and online courses in the above field through its School of Clinical Research and Healthcare Management. Here, you may opt for a PG Diploma in Healthcare Management, BBA Healthcare Management, MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management or a Ph.D. in Healthcare and Hospital Management.

Embrace a successful career in healthcare. Call ICRI today. Log on to  http://www.icriindia.com/

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