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Careers of B-tech biotechnology students in Clinical Research

Most of you reading this blog must be B-Tech Biotechnology students on the lookout for the next best course that can win you a fortune. If yes, read till the end to come across options that most students choose along with the statistics that support their decision.

Conventional Career Step

Advices for pursuing a M. Tech in Biotechnology must have come in plenty. For majority parents and B-Tech Biotechnology graduates, this is the most natural step to follow. The conventional route does offer you a decent pay packagebut you might be compromising on the excitement and future prospects that a degree can offer by banking on this one.

Clinical Research

If not M-Tech or any other conventional degree, what is the alternative?

You must have come across Clinical Research Course for the headlines it has been making due to the relaxation in reforms and regulations made by CDSCO. This is certainly an excellent career option to look out for before you arrive at a decision.

Clinical Research, a branch of healthcare, is a study about safe and effective a certain drug, medical device, or procedure is for human use. The study develops learning about ICH-GCP guidelines, invention and formulation of drugs, approvals and processes involved, conducting a trial in small batch samples and on larger ones and checking its effectiveness/toxic levels.

Why MSC in Clinical Research?

MSc in Clinical Research is recognized as one of the best career option for B-Tech Biotechnology students. The opportunities in Clinical Research in India are expanding due to the below given fact:-

  • India contains 16% of the world’s population
  • It also carries 20% of the world’s disease burden
  • whereas, only 1.4% global clinical trials are conducted in India, a fact in itself that proposes a huge scope for growth.

Here are the reasons why India serves as a perfect place for Clinical Research:-

  • Simplified and easier rules and regulations for drug approvals and registrations by CDSCO
  • Lower operational costs of clinical trials
  • Rapid emergence of chronic diseases are driving demand for newer therapies
  • Larger medically trained staff and competent infrastructure set-up

Best institute for M.Sc in Clinical Research

If you are convinced by the immense scope for Clinical Research in India, the next step is to look out for the best institute where you can enrol for MSc course. Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI), one of the oldest and most sought after institute that provides full time M.Sc in Clinical Research can be a perfect choice. Present across multiple cities in India and equipped with best-in-class amenities and qualitative teaching abilities, ICRI will not disappoint you.

For more, logon to http://www.icriindia.com/course/msc-in-clinical-research or contact at 7303395047

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