ICRI Activities

Along with studies encouraging talent in the field of art, music, drama, sports and other fields has been a culture at ICRI. To promote this we have had various cultural events like SCREAM (inter ICRI CULTURAL MEET), PHASE I, PHASE II, etc.

To strengthen the bonds of camaraderie and friendship among our old and new students every year a fresher party (To welcome the new students) and a farewell party (To bid adieu to the outgoing batch) is organized at each campus by the students and everybody takes an active part in this.

For welcoming each new batch of students to the world of ICRI, an inauguration function is held at each campus where the faculty from Cranfield also participates enthusiastically. It is a grand event where the entire faculty is seen proudly dressed in the splendorous Cranfield graduation gown

The various cultural festivals like Diwali, Christmas etc are also celebrated at each campus.