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In today’s date it is important to remain updated all the time in accordance to the industry norms and trends. ICRI, the leading institute in the field of Clinical Research & healthcare organizes Guest lectures, industry lectures,events,workshops and seminars of various genres.

The objectives of these workshops and events is to provide ICRI’ians an opportunity to learn and interact with industry leaders and certify them in various software tools used in Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Data Management.

Dr. Himanshu Shah- Associate Director, MSD; Learning Partner with MERCK Institute and Chairman with PACRA, visited ICRI campus for Guest lecture. He shared his experiences in the industry with the students as well as gave them the tips how to get success and sustain it in tougher times as well. Students got very inspired from him as he had made it to the top at very early in age.

Divya Babbar- Associate Director, PACRA came for the Scouting in the campus. She took interviews of the students for placements in her company. She also shared ideas with students on how they can groom themselves in various aspects and get better job prospects by keeping small things in mind. She shortlisted many students for her company and handed over Letter of Intent to many of them.

Dr. Sita Nayak- Advisor with AHERF came to the campus as a Guest faculty for Clinical research. being a part of Apollo Group, she shared her incidents of ups and downs of the group itself. She shared anecdotes of the Apollo group of where they started off from and how they got in to be there in today’s date. All students got impressed when she shared moments of her journey of struggle and how she made it to get through all.

Dr. Samyajit Chaudhary- PV Manager with Panacea Biotech also visited the campus as a Guest Lecturer. His main purpose of visiting the campus was of recruitment for his company and he got many students for entry level positions like CRO, CFA, etc.

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