About the Conference

The conference will focus on recent advances and business opportunities in Clinical Research. About 400 delegates are expected to participate in the two-day event. The unique feature of this conference is that 10 International keynote speakers from US, Canada and UK along with highly acclaimed and eminent speakers of India from various Pharmaceutical Companies, CROs and Regulatory Bodies would be sharing their views and opinion in the conclave. FDA Regulations and Phase-I submission will be presented by FDA experts. There will be Scientific Sessions on the different streams of Clinical Research operations, Pharmacovigilance, CDM, Regulatory Affairs and submission with special emphasis on Phase-I Clinical Trials and Business Opportunities for allied players in the Clinical Research industry. The participants will have an opportunity to deliberate and discuss with the keynote speakers and a group of professional with common interests. The conference is designed for expert level professionals in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Government, Support Services/Products, Academia, Logistics, Venture Capitalists, Bank, Insurance and related Healthcare Industries. The conference overarching objective is to position India as the preferred destination for the Science & Business of Clinical Research.

ICRI National Conferences

  • First Annual Conference 2004
  • ICRI organized a two day National Conference with the theme “Clinical Research; Challenges and Opportunities in India at the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi. The conference was inaugurated by the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare,Ambumani Ramadoss. This was attended by over 250 distinguished personalities from both academia and industry from India as well as abroad.

  • Second Annual Conference 2005
  • ICRI – with sponsorship from Department of Science & Technology, Government of India – hosted a conference on “India’s emergence as hub for Clinical Research . The conference and workshop were conducted by distinguished speakers from India and abroad. It was designed by professionals engaged in Clinical Research and Clinical Trials Management. About 270 delegates from Academia and industry attended this conference.

  • Third Annual Conference 2007
  • ICRI, in association with (World Health Organization) WHO and Department of Science & Biotechnology, Government of India, held a two day workshop on Pharmacovigilance followed by an International Conference on ‘Clinical Research & Development , at the National Institute of Advance Studies, IISC Auditorium, Bangalore. Renowned speakers from National and international regulatory, industry and academia participated. About 300 delegates registered for this conference.

  • Fourth Annual Conference (April 2008)
  • ICRI with sponsorship from Indian Council of Medical Research will hold the Fourth Annual conference in Mumbai. This meeting will be attended by senior executives, managers and investigators from industry and academia from both India and overseas.

    ICRI International Conference

  • First International Conference 2006
  • “Drug Discovery and Clinical Development in India” Opportunities and Challenges was jointly organized by ICRI, DIA & BCI to establish transparency within the Indian Clinical Research industry. The conference was designed for expert-level professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, government, support services/products, academia, and related healthcare industries. Invited keynote speakers from USA & EU included key decision-makers in the fields of drug discovery, drug development and clinical research. Speakers identified the major pharmaceutical corporations, discussed the dynamics of drugs and biological development in India, and suggested a framework for maintaining regulatory compliance in the US, EU and Japan. This first International conference left a mark in History ICRI with all the pharmaceutical, biotech SMO’s and CRO’s participating at the conference in India. About 300 delegates from India and overseas attended the conference.

  • Second International Conference November 2007
  • ICRI jointly with DIA and BCI is organizing its second International conference in November 2007 in Mumbai. This meeting will be attended by senior executives, managers and investigators from industry and academia from both India and overseas with the DCGI as one of the panelists. About 350 industry delegates are expected.
    India’s first-ever book on Clinical Research

  • India’s first-ever book on Clinical Research entitled ‘Basic Principles of Clinical Research and Methodology
  • The international conference on Clinical Research Development in India also witnessed the release of India’s first ever comprehensive book on Clinical Research entitled ‘Basic Principles of Clinical Research & Methodology by Dr S K Gupta in presence of Dr N K Ganguly, Dr Neelima Kshirsagar, Dr Laxman Prasad and the entire congregation.
  • The authors who were associated with this book are eminent contributors in the field of Clinical Research both from industry and academia.
  • UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) Grant

  • ICRI was presented with the prestigious UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) Award, an initiative of United Kingdom and India for working together in education and for initiating higher education programs in India for Translational Medicine and Molecular Biology.