PG Diploma in Clinical Research

  • ID: 1054

To provide participants with a broad understanding of the basic principles employed within Clinical Research both domestically and internationally.

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Clinical Research Certification Program for Investigators

  • ID: 1052

Clinical Research refers to a study conducted to evaluate a potential treatment and its effects on human beings. Clinical trials help us find out if a promising new treatment is safe and effective. During a trial, more and more information…

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Programme in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance

  • ID: 1048

ICRI online programme is India’s first clinical research and healthcare programme. More than 2,000 online students have passed ,making this the largest alumni base for a particular programme in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance industry. Our award winning online programmes are…

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PhD in Clinical Research-3 year (UGC Recognized)

  • ID: 829

The global pharmaceutical market is estimated at US$ 427 billion and Research & Development cost is estimated at US$ 60-65 billion annually. Two thirds of this amount is spent on Drug Development, i.e., approximately US$ 40 billion. Clinical Trials involve…

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