Multi Track Session

ADIL SHAMOO Drug Development: Ethics and Public Confidence is a Must

University of Maryland School of Medicine USA

Dr. Shamoo is the Founder & Editor – Chief (Since 1988) of the journal, Accountability in Research and a member of several boards among them the

editorial board of the Drug Information Journal (2005-present) and advisory board of 2005-2007 of: Public Library of Science, Clinical Trials

(PLos Clinical Trials).

Adil Shamoo, Ph.D
GREG KOSKI Confronting the Compliance Myth: How can we Really Protect Human Subject?

Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, USA

Dr. Koski is currently Senior Scientist at the Institute for Health Policy at the Masschusetts, Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Koski chairs the Ethics Advisory board of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute’s renowned Framingham Heart Study and the chair

person for the advisory board of the Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity for Ethical Review based at the WHO.

Greg Koski, Ph.D, MD
MARK KOSCIN Ethical Decision Making in Clinical Research Management…Listening to your Moral Imperative

Vice President of Human Research Technology Inc. USA

Mr. Koscin serves as the Lead Forum Chair for the Association of Clinical Research Professional (ACRP) special interest forums, an active member of

the ACRP Marketing & Communication Committee and the Lead Instructor for the certificate course Pathways in Clinical Research.

Mark Koscin, M.T., CCRA, ACRP
THOMAS E. MERCHANT Exploring Ethical Issues Beyond Good Clinical (Research) Practice

Former Vice President
GlaxoSmithKline, USA

Mr. Tom Merchant is an attorney and the former Vice President of R&D Legal Risk Management at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical in Suburban

Philadelphia. He recently led a US/UK based group responsible for auditing worldwide R&D risk which have a significant legal component or pose

significant risk reputation.

Thomas E. Merchant, ESQ