IIEC-BIIEC-B was launched on 16th May 2007 at Institute of Clinical Research (India),
Bangalore. The foundation for IIEC-B has been the guidelines ICMR, CIOMS, ICH-GCP Principles, and Schedule Y.

Mission of IIEC-B

  • To provide excellence, innovation and caring in health care, education and clinical research.
  • To provide global leadership to promote integrity and excellence for the clinical research profession.

    Vision of IIEC-B:

  • To exemplify the highest possible standard in medical practice and patient care
  • To advance the protection and well being of human participants in research
  • To foster high ethical standards for the conduct of human research
  • Objectives:

  • Promote ethical conduct in health and medical research involving humans
  • To adapt and advise best ethical practices
  • To review and approve
  • Students/academic project proposals
  • Industry proposals
  • Uniqueness of IIEC-B:

  • Independent Ethics Committee established by ICRI, an academic research institute
  • SOPs of international standard
  • EC members training
  • Ethical governance of academic & industry project proposals
  • Punctuality
  • Advisory Panel of IIEC-B:

  • Dr. Manorama Thomas Senior Ethicist & Emeritus Prof, St John’s Medical College, Bangalore
  • Dr. Sunitha Shukla, Editorial Board, National Bioethics Journal
  • Dr. Nandini, ICMR
  • Dr. Muthuswami, Deputy Director, ICMR
  • Dr. S.K.Gupta, Dean & Director General, ICRI
  • Research Proposals Reviewed:

  • IIEC-B has reviewed 25 Academic Research Projects and 1 Industry Project.
  • Other Activities of IIEC-B:

    Creating awareness about ethics in research through:

  • Seminars & Presentations.
  • Publications.
  • Bioethics workshop (planning stage).
  • Training other Ethics Committees.
  • Education on Ethical guidelines & requirements globally.